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Competitive opening to NFL in all divisions

Competitive opening to NFL in all divisions

Mon, 13th February 2017

Only four counties – Kildare, Louth, Waterford and Wexford – have full points after two rounds of the 2017 Allianz Football League. It underlines the competitive nature of the campaign, which takes a break next weekend prior to returning for Round 3 on February 25/26.

Unusually, no Division 1 county has won their first two games. Dublin, Tyrone and Monaghan have each taken three of four points while Roscommon are the only county without a point so far.

Kildare have made the perfect start in their attempt to progress from Divisions 3 to 1 in successive seasons after winning their first two Division 2 games by a total of 16 points against Meath and Cork respectively.

It leaves them a point ahead of Clare and Galway, both of whom have taken three of four points. They clash next Sunday week while Kildare face Derry. Down is the only county without a point so far.

Louth, who were promoted from Division 4 at the end of last season, have made a great start to life in Division 3, winning their first two games. They are followed by Sligo (3pts). All the other counties in the group have already lost games. Antrim, promoted this season, is the only county without a point so far.

Waterford and Wexford have made 100 percent starts in Division 4 while Westmeath are a point behind after drawing their opening game with Carlow before beating Limerick last Sunday. Limerick, who were relegated to Division 4 at the end of last season, and Wicklow have lost their first two games.



Round 1: Dublin 0-18 Cavan 0-11; Kerry 2-17 Donegal 1-17; Tyrone 0-18 Roscommon 1-9; Monaghan 1-11 Mayo 0-12.

Round 2: Mayo 0-15 Kerry 1-10; Dublin 0-10 Tyrone 1-7; Donegal 0-16 Roscommon 2-9; Monaghan 0-7 Cavan 0-7.

Round 3: Feb 25: Mayo v Roscommon; Feb 26: Donegal v Dublin; Kerry v Monaghan; Tyrone v Cavan.

Round 4: Mar 4: Dublin v Mayo; Cavan v Donegal; Tyrone v Monaghan; Mar 5: Roscommon v Kerry

Round 5: Mar 18: Donegal v Tyrone; Kerry v Dublin; Mar 19: Mayo v Cavan; Monaghan v Roscommon.

Round 6: Mar 25: Dublin v Roscommon; Mar 26: Cavan v Kerry; Tyrone v Mayo; Donegal v Monaghan.

Round 7: Apr 2: Monaghan v Dublin; Mayo v Donegal; Kerry v Tyrone; Roscommon v Cavan.

Final: Apr 9: 1 v 2


Round 1: Derry 0-11 Clare 1-8; Galway 0-14 Cork 1-11; Kildare 3-17 Meath 0-16; Fermanagh 1-16 Down 0-10.

Round 2: Clare 2-11 Down 0-11; Kildare 1-14 Cork 1-8; Galway 1-13 Fermanagh 0-10; Meath 3-15 Derry 0-9.

Round 3: Feb 25: Down v Meath; Feb 26: Cork v Fermanagh; Derry v Kildare; Galway v Clare.

Round 4: Mar 5: Kildare v Fermanagh; Meath v Galway; Clare v Cork; Derry v Down.

Round 5: Mar 18: Down v Kildare; Mar 19: Fermanagh v Clare; Cork v Meath; Galway v Derry.

Round 6: Mar 26: Derry v Cork; Meath v Fermanagh; Down v Galway; Kildare v Clare.

Round 7: Apr 2: Galway v Kildare; Cork v Down; Clare v Meath; Fermanagh v Derry.

Final: Apr 9: 1 v 2


Round 1: Longford 1-12 Offaly 0-10; Sligo 1-14 Armagh 2-11; Tipperary 2-12 Antrim 0-13; Louth 2-16 Laois 0-10

Round 2: Sligo 2-14 Tipperary 1-16; Louth 0-11 Longford 0-10; Offaly 0-23 Antrim 1-7; Laois 2-11 Armagh 0-16.

Round 3: Feb 25: Laois v Tipperary; Feb 26: Offaly v Louth; Longford v Armagh; Antrim v Sligo.

Round 4: Mar 5: Tipperary v Longford; Louth v Antrim; Armagh v Offaly; Sligo v Laois.

Round 5: Mar 19: Antrim v Laois; Louth v Armagh; Longford v Sligo; Offaly v Tipperary.

Round 6: Mar 25: Armagh v Antrim; Laois v Longford; Mar 26; Sligo v Offaly; Tipperary v Louth.

Apr 2: Antrim v Longford; Louth v Sligo; Armagh v Tipperary; Offaly v Laois.

Final: Apr 8: Final: 1 v 2


Round 1: Waterford 2-16 London 1-8; Carlow 2-10 Westmeath 2-10; Leitrim 1-17 Wicklow 0-10; Wexford 0-14 Limerick 1-8.

Round 2: Waterford 1-17 Wicklow 1-9; London 2-15 Carlow 0-16; Westmeath 1-18 Limerick 0-12; Wexford 0-16 Leitrim 0-14.

Round 3: Feb 25: Carlow v Limerick; Feb 26: Wicklow v London; Westmeath v Leitrim; Wexford v Waterford.

Round 4: Mar 4: Limerick v London; Mar 5: Leitrim v Carlow; Waterford v Westmeath; Wicklow v Wexford.

Round 5: Mar 18: Carlow v Waterford; Mar 19: Wexford v London; Limerick v Leitrim; Westmeath v Wicklow.

Round 6: Mar 25: Waterford v Limerick; Mar 26: Leitrim v London; Wexford v Westmeath; Wicklow v Carlow.

Round 7: Apr 2: Westmeath v London; Leitrim v Waterford; Carlow v Wexford; Limerick v Wicklow.

Final: Apr 8

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