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Davey’s Top Tips for Peak Performance

Davey’s Top Tips for Peak Performance

Mon, 25th August 2014

Dublin players are putting in big performances when it matters and nutrition has a key part to play in that. Dublin Senior Football's Performance Nutritionist, Daniel Davey, gave us his Top 8 Tips for peak performance on match day. 

"Getting your nutrition strategy right in the lead up to and during matches will have a huge bearing on your performance potential", says Daniel. 

"Aim to implement and practice some of these tips in training over the coming weeks to ensure you are doing all you can do to play at your best."

1) Carbohydrate load before your match, this is the most important point of all! Carbohydrate is the main fuel source used during games so aim to eat a high carbohydrate diet 48-24 hours before throw in to maximise your fuel stores. Oats, rice, fruit, dried fruits, honey, potatoes, cous cous or quinoa are examples of suitable carbohydrate rich foods.

2) Avoid high fat or high fibre foods during the carbohydrate loading phase. Examples of high fibre foods are fibrous vegetables, beans and lentils. Examples of high fat foods to avoid are processed meats and full fat dairy.

3) Eat regular small / medium sized meals rather than 3 square large meals.

4) Hydration is hugely important, you need to regularly consume small amounts of fluid to achieve hydration balance. Checking the colour of your urine, a light pale colour will suggest you are hydrated and dark yellow / orange colour would indicate you are dehydrated.

5) Give your food adequate time to digest before the game, finish your pre-match meal at least 2-3 hours before throw-in.

6) During the game aim to consume at least 1-2 mouthfuls of fluid every 10 minutes, do this by taking advantage of any break in play.

7) Focus on fluids rather than food at half time. Some people may think that eating foods like jaffacakes or fruit are required for boosting energy at half time but this is not necessary. Hydration is the focus and you should aim to use an electrolyte drink, most commercially available sports drinks will suffice.

For simple, healthy and practical meal ideas check out Daniel on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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