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Jack Mc hoping to get back to boost Dubs this summer

Jack Mc hoping to get back to boost Dubs this summer

Thu, 8th February 2018

Jack McCaffrey hopes to make a return to competitive action this summer but has no specific date marked off on his calendar as he steps up his comeback from the cruciate injury he suffered in the early stages of last September's All-Ireland final victory over Mayo.

The pacey wing-back has his three-month post operation check-up this afternoon and will have a clearer short-term vision after his consultation with surgeon Ray Moran.

However, the Clontarf man insists he will only return when he is 100 per cent right and not risk any setbacks by attempted a premature comeback.

"At some stage I'd hope so," replied Jack when asked if he'd feature for the Dubs this summer.

"You are looking at, All-Ireland final to All-Ireland final is 12 months, so most people I have spoken to are under that.

“But again I'm not going to pull a date or a game out of the air because I just think you are setting yourself up for a fall, which I don't want to do.

"I want the leg to be 100 per cent when I do go back and I'd rather take two years to get there than rush it," adds Jack.

“I have heard lots of stories of lads pushing for a date to comeback and then setting themselves back to square one. That's the bogey man for me and what I want to avoid.

"I’m confident that I’m getting great guidance from our physio and our strength and conditioning stuff as to what exercises to do."

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