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Three changes in senior hurling starting 15 to face Carlow

Three changes in senior hurling starting 15 to face Carlow

Fri, 14th February 2020

Dublin have made three alerations to their starting 15 for Saturday's HL Division 1 Group B encounter with Carlow in Netwatch Cullen Park (5.0).

Rian McBride comes in at midfield and is listed to partner Jake Malone, while up front John Hetherton and Davy Keogh will start.

The players who are replaced are Danny Sutcliffe, Cian O'Callaghan and Eamonn Dillon - all  were forced off through injury in Dublin's 4-18 to 2-17 victory over Laois last time out.

DUBLIN (SH v Carlow)

1 Seán Brennan Cuala

2 Paddy Smyth Clontarf

3 Eoghan O’Donnell Whitehall Colmcille

4 James Madden Ballyboden St Enda's

5 Chris Crummey Lucan Sarsfields

6 Daire Gray Whitehall Colmcille

7 Seán Moran Cuala

8 Jake Malone Cuala

9 Rian McBride St Vincent's

10 John Hetherton St Vincent's

11 Donal Burke Na Fianna

12 Mark Schutte Cuala

13 Oisín O’Rorke Kilmacud Crokes

14 Ronan Hayes Kilmacud Crokes

15 David Keogh Thomas Davis


HL DIVISION 1 GROUP B: Scoring Chart

Dublin have scored 4-36 and conceded 5-38 in their two HL Division 1 Group B games to date (v Kilkenny, Laois). Twelve players have contributed to the scoring tally.

Oisín O'Rorke 1-13 (0-10f, 0-1 '65')

Seán Moran 0-7 (0-5f)

David Keogh 1-2

Eamonn Dillon 1-2

Ronan Hayes 1-2 (0-1f)

Donal Burke 0-2

John Hetherton 0-2

Rian McBride 0-2

Jake Malone 0-1

Danny Sutcliffe 0-1

Chris Crummey 0-1

Tomás Connolly 0-1



SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 2: Parnell Park

DUBLIN 4-18 LAOIS 2-17

SCORERS – Dublin: O O’Rorke 1-7 (0-6f, 0-1 ‘65’), D Keogh 1-2, S Moran 0-3 (0-2f), E Dillon, R Hayes 1-0 each, D Burke, J Hetherton 0-2 each, J Malone, R McBride 0-1. Laois: W Dunphy 2-1, R King 0-6 (0-5f), S Bergin, C McEvoy 0-2 each, E Rowland (0-1f), J Kelly, P Purcell, J Ryan, E Gaughan, A Dunphy 0-1 each.

DUBLIN: S Brennan; P Smyth, E O’Donnell, C O’Callaghan; C Crummey, D Gray, J Madden; S Moran, J Malone; M Schutte, D Sutcliffe, D Burke; E Dillon, R Hayes, O O’Rorke. Subs: D Keogh for Dillon (inj, 12), J Hetherton for Schutte (inj, 31), F Whitely for Madden (47), A Dunphy for O’Callaghan (inj, 38), R McBride for Sutcliffe (inj, 60).

LAOIS: E Rowland; L Senior, P Delaney, D Hartnett; D Conway, R Mullaney, C McEvoy; J Kelly, F Fennell; R King, P Purcell, J Ryan; A Dunphy, W Dunphy, S Bergin. Subs: J Lennon for Mullaney (ht), R Broderick for Senior (57), E Gaughan for A Dunphy (57), J Keyes for Purcell (61).

REF: D Hughes (Carlow).



SUNDAY, JANUARY 26: Nowlan Park, Kilkenny


SCORERS - Kilkenny: A Murphy 0-8 (0-6f, 0-1 '65'), B Ryan 2-0, G Aylward 1-0, P Deegan, C Fogarty, W Walsh, N Brassil 0-2 each, J Donnelly, M Keoghan, L Scanlon, M Carey, B Sheehan 0-1 each. Dublin: O O’Rorke 0-6 (0-4f), S Moran 0-4 (0-3f), R Hayes (0-1f), E Dillon 0-2 each, D Sutcliffe, C Crummey, R McBride, T Connolly 0-1 each.

KILKENNY: E Murphy; C Wallace, H Lawlor, C Delaney; M Cody, P Deegan, M Carey; C Fogarty, A Murphy; J Donnelly, W Walsh, R Leahy; B Ryan, G Aylward, N Brassil. Subs: M Keoghan for Aylward (45), J Maher for A Murphy (52), T Walsh for Cody (56), B Sheehan for Ryan (60).
DUBLIN: A Nolan; P Smyth, Eoghan O’Donnell, J Madden; C Crummey, D Gray, C O’Callaghan; F Whitely, R McBride; T Connolly, D Sutcliffe, R Hayes; C Boland, O O’Rorke, E Dillon. Subs: S Moran for Whitely (31), M Schutte for Boland (40), L McMullan for Connolly (57), J Hetherton for McBride (65).
REF: P O’Dwyer (Carlow).


WALSH CUP: Scoring Chart

Dublin's senior hurlers scored 5-88 and conceded 0-71 in their four games in this year's Walsh Cup (v Westmeath, Carlow, Laois, Galway). Twenty players contributed to the scoring tally.

Oisín O'Rorke 0-25 (0-10f)

Donal Burke 1-9 (0-3f)

Eamonn Dillon 2-5

John Hetherton 1-5

Lorcan McMullan 0-6

Mark Schutte 0-6

Tomás Connolly 0-5

Davy Keogh 0-4

Aidan Mellett 1-1

Cian Boland 0-3

Mark Howard 0-3

Fergal Whitely 0-3

Alex O'Neill 0-3

Paul Ryan 0-3 (0-3f)

Chris Crummey 0-2

Danny Sutcliffe 0-1

Riain McBride 0-1

Ronan Hayes 0-1

Andrew Dunphy 0-1

James Madden 0-1



SUNDAY, JANUARY 12: Parnell Park

SCORERS – Galway: T Haran 0-8 (0-7f), C Mannion 0-3 (0-1f), S Blehane, J Coen, D Kilcommins 0-2 each, TJ Brennan, C Walsh 0-1 each. Dublin: O O’Rorke 0-10 (0-8f), E Dillon, J Hetherton 0-2 each, C Crummey, C Boland, M Howard, D Sutcliffe 0-1 each.

GALWAY: E Murphy; D Cronin, R Burke, J Grealish; J Coen, G McInerney, TJ Brennan; S Linnane, A Harte; D Kilcommins, C Mannion, T Monaghan; S Bleahane, T Haran, D Glennon. Subs: P Killeen for Cronin (ht), C Walsh for Linnane (45), R O’Meara for Monaghan (51), J Coyne for Bleahane (51), M Horan for Brennan (56), J Holland for Burke (56), Brennan for McInerney (65), Bleahane for Harnan (65), Monaghan for (66).
DUBLIN: S Brennan; C O’Callaghan, J Madden, A Dunphy; C Crummey, A O’Neill, T Connolly; C Boland, L McMullan; J Hetherton, C Derwin, M Schutte; M Howard, E Dillon, O O’Rorke. Subs: Enda O’Donnell for Derwin (48), S Moran for Madden (56), D Sutcliffe for Schutte (60), M Sweeney for Howard (66).
REF: P Murphy (Carlow).



DUBLIN 1-28 LAOIS 0-17

SCORERS – Dublin: J Hetherton 1-3, T Connolly, O O’Rorke (0-4f) 0-5 each, E Dillon, 0-3, F Whitely, M Howard 0-2 each, R McBride, R Hayes, A O’Neill, C Crummey, C Boland, D Burke, D Keogh, L McMullan 0-1 each. Laois: R King 0-7 (0-4f), A Bergin, A Dunphy, J Ryan 0-2 each, , P Keating, S Bergin, E Rowland (0-1f), C Stapleton 0-1 each.
DUBLIN: A Nolan; A Dunphy, P Smyth, J Madden; C O’Callaghan, D Gray, J Malone; F Whitely, R McBride; R Hayes, C Boland, T Connolly; O O’Rorke, J Hetherton, E Dillon. Subs: C Crummey for Gray (ht), M Howard for O’Rorke (ht), K Burke for Smyth (ht), L McMullan for Whitely (ht), D Burke for Boland (ht), D Keogh for Hayes (41), P Crummey for O’Callaghan (47), O’Rorke for Dillon (47), A O’Neill for McBride (52), L Corcoran for Malone (55), Enda O’Donnell for Connolly (60), Connolly for Madden (68).
LAOIS: E Rowland; L Senior, F Flanagan, D Comerford; J Kelly, D Hartnett, R Mullaney; F Fennell, C Comerford; A Dunphy, J Keyes, J Ryan; P Keating, R King, A Bergin. Subs: P Purcell for Keyes (ht), P Delaney for Bergin (ht), C Stapleton for Mullaney (47), S Bergin for Keating (47), E Gaughan for Comerford (55), M Hennessey for Ryan (67).
REF: B Redmond (Wexford).



SUNDAY, JANUARY 5: Parnell Park
SCORERS - Dublin:
E Dillon 2-0, O O’Rorke 0-5 (0-4f), M Schutte 0-4, P Ryan 0-3 (0-3f), D Burke 1-0, L McMullan 0-2, A Dunphy, J Madden, D Keogh, F Whitely, A O’Neill, C Boland 0-1 each. Carlow: M Kavanagh 0-8 (0-6f, 0-1 ‘65’), C Nolan 0-3 (0-1f), D Byrne 0-2 (0-1 sideline), JM Nolan, D English (0-1f), P Coady, T Joyce, D Tobin 0-1 each.
DUBLIN: S Brennan; A Dunphy, L Corcoran, J Madden; P Crummey, D Gray, J Malone; F Whitely, L McMullan; D Keogh, D Burke, R Hayes; E Dillon, M Schutte, P Ryan. Subs: C O’Callaghan for Gray (15), O O’Rorke for Ryan (22), Gray for Dunphy (27), C Boland for Keogh (ht), C Derwin for Dillon (48), Dunphy for O’Callaghan (49), A O’Neill for D Burke (52), Enda O’Donnell for McMullan (53), K Burke for Crummey (61), C Ryan for Schutte (64), McMullan for Hayes (68).
CARLOW: D Jordan; A Corcoran, P Doyle, R Smithers; D Byrne, D English, G Coady; R Coady, K McDonald; J Murphy, M Kavanagh, T Joyce; C Nolan, P Coady, JM Nolan. Subs: M Doyle for Smithers (ht), S Whelan for Joyce (41), E Byrne for R Coady (43), G Bennett for P Doyle (43), M Malone for G Coady (46), A Almond for P Coady (47), A Dunne for Murphy (59), C Tracey for Kavanagh (59), D Tobin for D Byrne (63).
REF: G McGrath (Wexford).



SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15: TEG Cusack Park, Mullingar

SCORERS – Dublin: D Burke 0-8 (0-3f), O O’Rorke 0-5 (0-4f), A Mellett 1-1, L McMullan 0-3, D Keogh 0-2, M Schutte 0-2, A O’Neill 0-1. Westmeath: E Price 0-7, D McNicholas 0-4 (0-2f), D Clinton 0-3 (0-3f), N Mitchell 0-2, L Varley 0-1.

DUBLIN: J Treacy; J Madden, P Smyth, T Connolly; P Crummey, D Gray, J Malone; D Keogh, L McMullan; F Whitely, M Schutte, D Burke; A Mellett, R Hayes, O O’Rorke. Subs: A O’Neill for O’Rorke (31), S Brennan for Treacy (ht), L Corcoran for Crummey (58), E O’Donnell for Keogh (60), Crummey for Mellett (63),
WESTMEATH: A McHugh; A Cox, T Doyle, A Ennis; S Clavin, A Craig, G Greville; L Varley, E Price; J Boyle, D O’Reilly, R Greville; N Mitchell, D Clinton, J Galvin. Subs: A Clarke for Clavin (25), D McNicholas for O’Reilly (ht), J Birmingham for Craig (ht), J Gilligan for Galvin (42), S McGovern for Clinton (52), C Doyle for R Greville (58), B Doyle for Varley (59).
REF: G Quilty (Kilkenny).

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