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Resources - Gambling

“In a recent survey of all 2,045 current GPA members, 7% of members believe that there is a gambling problem within their own squad but 23% believe that there is a gambling problem amongst GAA players generally. In other words players think there is a problem, just not in their own squad. During 2012, gambling addiction accounted for one third (33%) of the cases dealt with by the GPA’s free counselling service for members, and this figure is expected to increase as awareness grows. While the players who participated in the above survey and who received treatment for gambling addiction through the GPA are all inter-county players, it’s important to remember they are club players also."

Gambling and sport - considerations and advice for players, mentors and clubs

Help is available if you have or know someone who has a gambling problem. 
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Signs of gambling addiction - support for families

The RISE Foundation is a valuable resource for families seeking information on gambling addiction.
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